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Hi, my name is Michele and I am a Yoga Teacher (as well as a Registered Nurse, Health Visitor and Midwife) based in the Peak District. My goal is to help your mind and body connect and develop through repetitive stretching exercises and poses. I run regular Yoga classes in the Hope Valley area which are suitable for people of all backgrounds, experiences and skill levels. If you have heard about the many benefits of yoga but have never had the 'courage' to give it a go, these classes will be perfect for you. We are a really friendly bunch and you will be made to feel most welcome. 


Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? - come along and give it a try!



Quieten your Mind

Free your Body

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Tuesday Night Yoga Online



Online via Zoom











More information about this event and the other Classes we run can be found on our Classes page.

To book your place, please visit our Book Online page.

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We are now offering online One-2-One sessions.  

These individually tailored sessions are held remotely using the Zoom Video platform. All you need to attend is a suitably configured computer, tablet or smartphone. Working together, we can design a lesson that will meet your needs both mentally and physically. 


Please contact us for further information and pricing.

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Customer Reviews

Come along and find out why we are rated as 5 stars on Yoga Hub!

Karen says...


"Michele is welcoming, friendly and reassuring. If anyone has a problem or difficulty she will find a solution and works really hard to make the classes varied and challenging."

"I had never tried yoga before and, as an older lady, I was a little nervous when I attended my first class with Michele. I need not have worried the class is expertly run."


Patricia says...

Lisa says...


"Michele has a great style always supportive and inclusive of all ages and abilities , content varies each week which is really energising with some nice nuggets of information and explanation , would recommend."

Sandra says...


"Michele has a very caring passionate way in which she teaches the class. She’s always interested and aware of her students capabilities and works towards their goals. I would definitely recommend anyone Interested in joining a fun, friendly and professional class to attend now."

Barbara says...


"Michele is marvellous! She's encouraging, professional,supportive, caring and funny. We do different stretches each week and always come home feeling we've achieved! Thank you!

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I hold weekly yoga classes at Castleton Village Hall every Tuesday night.


Additionally, I run longer Yoga Workshops, generally on a Saturday morning, throughout the year.

You can find additional information about any of these classes by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to be Flexible?

No! Yoga is for everyone, we are all different

Do I have to do all of the postures?

No! It is not a competitive exercise, you do what you can. If you are finding a particular pose difficult, we can alter it so that it’s easier for you. It’s about having respect for your body.

Is Yoga a religion?

No! Whilst there are many links between religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, yoga is a philosophy, not a religion.

Do I need to attend every week?

No! However, it’s better to have regular practice. But missing a class does not mean that you are ‘out of step’ with others.

Do I need to be a Vegetarian to Practice Yoga?

No! The first principle of Yoga is ‘ahimsa’ which means ‘no harming to self or others’. Some people interpret this to mean they should not consume animal products, however, this is personal decision.

What sort of Yoga will we be doing?

It’s called Hatha Yoga. It’s a set of postures (Asanas), sequenced to align our muscles, skin and bones. Hatha means Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha).

Will there be Chanting?

Maybe. During some of our classes we may chant words or sentences. This allows us to focus the mind and also helps our breathing patterns. This may feel ‘strange’ to you at first but you don’t have to join in. However, if you do so, you will see some real benefits.

OK, sounds interesting. What do I need to begin?

You! And a bit of curiosity. You can book a Class here.

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