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Tuesday Night

Yoga Classes have now started at Castleton

Village Hall

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General Information About My Classes

Our live online booking system allows you reserve your place on any of our our Classes or Workshops. 

We appreciate that some of you would rather just turn up to an event and not book in advance. Thats ok, but since our Classes are often over-subscribed, we ask that you contact us before the event, just to let us know that you are intending to attend.

To use the booking system, select the type of event you are interested in by pressing one the Category types i.e. Yoga Class, Yoga Workshop, Yoga Hub or Yoga One2One.  You will then be able to see available events within that Category. Simply press on the 'Book Now' button in order to select the event you are interested in. The dates for that event will be shown. Select the date and time that you require , press 'Next' and then fill in your details. You will receive a confirmation email and also a reminder email 24 hours before the event.


Note: When booking an event, you will have the option to select the type of payment (either via 'PayPal' or 'In Person'). We don't mind which option you choose!

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